June 27 – July 10, 2022


The Wimbledon Championships of 2022 will commence on Monday 27th June and will finish on Sunday 10th July. There is a traditional ‘rest day’ on the Middle Sunday. The full Wimbledon order of play will be drawn on Friday 24th June at 10am at the All English Tennis Club.

Monday 27 June (1st round Men’s & Ladies)
Tuesday 28 June (1st round Men’s & Ladies)
Wednesday 29 June (2nd round Men’s & Ladies)
Thursday 30 June (2nd round Men’s & Ladies)
Friday 1 July (3rd round Men’s & Ladies)
Saturday 2 July (3rd round Men’s & Ladies)
Sunday 3 July (4th round Men’s & Ladies)
Monday 4 July (4th round Men’s & Ladies)
Tuesday 5 July (Quarter Finals – Men’s & Ladies)
Wednesday 6 July (Quarter Finals – Men’s & Ladies)
Thursday 7 July (Ladies Semi Finals and Mixed Doubles Final)
Friday 8 July (Men’s Semi Finals)
Saturday 9 July (Ladies Final)
Sunday 10 July (Men’s Final)

Please be seated and let the play begin.

A truly amazing experience, and superb views from your reserved Debenture Seat.

The Tournament will celebrate its 135 Edition, and take place over 14 days, with the introduction of play, on the middle Sunday, as this will introduce more people to Wimbledon.

This will also be the first year for 14 and under Junior Championships.

The Fourth round single matches will be played over 2 days,  this will feature a mixture of both Gentlemen & Ladies Matches.

Your Debenture Ticket will give you access to:

The Debenture Lounge, Bars, Restaurants and personal cloakroom facilities, and access other courts.

We offer you a wide range of Hospitality, to serve whatever your requirements are, and would be very happy to discuss your transportation, or anything else – knowing that your day will be made very special by us.

Wimbledon is yet another example of British excellence. From Henman to Murray, the grass courts of Wimbledon has seen many victors achieve success in front of the large crowds. 

Being the oldest Tennis Tournament, Wimbledon is not only prestigious, but highly sought after. Centre Court tickets are a must!

The atmosphere is unrivalled, and a visit to Wimbledon would not be complete without Terry’s services through his contacts.

Please contact Terry Burns at the number below to discuss your requirements:

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